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The fully Hungarian owned MIKERON KFT. was established in 1989. 

MIKERON produces and developes high precision alumina (Al2O3) technical ceramic parts. In MIKERON’s product range can be found precise balls, seats, plungers, nozzles, sprayers, bushes, sealing rings and we are ready to produce parts according to the customers drawing’s. 

MIKERON KFT. is the only one firm in Hungary who manufactures parts with wet isostatic pressing and cutting. We are able to produce both 1-2 pieces and smal and big quantity.  We work by pressing in metal tool, too. 

MIKERON thinks the continuous developement of products and technology is very important. We made 5 R + D projects partly sponsored by OMFB ( National Commitee for R and D in Hungary). We sell the developed products ( MIKODOS valveless dosing pump with ceramic pump head; MIKETHERM corrosion resistant thermometer element for chemical autoclaves, reaktors; MIKEMILL tothed colloid mill etc. ) for good price. 

We also were participiant in international R + D activity, sponsored by Europian Communities.  Within the frame of INCO-Copernicus program we worked together with Greece ( National Technical University of Athens, Department of Manufacturing Technology ), French ( Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine ), Ukrainen ( Kharkov State Polytechnical University Department of Cutting and Cutting  Tool Material ) and Hungarian ( Technical University of Budapest, Department of Manufacturing Engineering ) scientists. 

 Our chemical and mechanical engineers have 15 – 25 year experience in ceramic industry. Our workers are well trained. 

Our products can be found in almost all Hungarian chemical and pharmaceutical firms and in the firms of oil-, energy-, optic-, fibre- and machine making etc. industry.